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Founded in 2012 by South African designer Kristin Weixelbaumer, Black Betty is a South African based jewellery & piercing studio. Our aim is to create unique & distinctive pieces for those who are drawn to striking jewlery with an emotional connection. We pierce with, and create jewelry, that plays with the boundaries between contemporary style and ancient beauty - using natural hand-cut gemstones & precious metals.

We value the essence of humanity inherent in imperfection & reflect this in our jewels - each piece is wholly unique & an expression of personality. Black Betty ear curation is tailor-made to each individual - no body is ever the same, and we value your choice of piercing jewellery, or placement.

So who is Black Betty? Kristin Weixelbaumer was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Cape Town. A creative at heart, Kristin studied Art Direction and Graphic Design at Cape Town’s Red & Yellow Advertising School. She continued her journey with yoga and crystal healing, which led her to her ultimate path of jewellery design.

Kristin is passionate about each piece & the process to create, which originate from her journey. She has strong views with little fear of expressing them. The Black Betty team continue their zealous commitment to observe beauty in it’s natural, imperfect state.

Kristin’s inspiration comes from the natural beauty found in simplicity, mystery and imperfection. She continuously tries to understand the intimacy and complex relationship between beauty and imperfection, as well as the importance of preserving & presenting it in it’s natural state.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” - Leonard Cohen

Black Betty’s vision is to create jewellery to be delicate, organic, raw and personal. “We only work with precious and semi-precious metals & stones, therefore, honouring the earth and its’ beautiful materials of gold, silver & natural gemstones.”

Black Betty has a number of distinctive collections and we are proud to offer bespoke jewellery design. Each piece is created through a magical & personal journey for our clients. Our designs create lasting memories where dreams come true and we are honoured to work with our customers.

Black Betty is ultimately about personal jewellery that creates an energy which connects you to your core. We believe it grounds you, helps balance you and releases negative energies through the stones and the designs. We often let the stones speak for themselves, creating settings of simplicity for you. Let us help you find your unique gemstone beauty to balance & energise your life.

Why Black Betty? The name Black Betty also has meaning within. ‘Betty’ is a term we use to encompass all women, and all that we are; our strength, femininity and unstoppable force. For us, the term ‘Black’ represents her inner force: When we think of Black – there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than when a woman owns/ rocks her black – she is then at her most confident self, sexy, courageous, positive, captivating and happy. You can see it a mile away, feel it when she enters a room, people can only sit back and watch. Her energy is felt by all. For a woman to be this, she needs to have accepted all of herself, flaws included, which goes through to us working with naturally flawed stones – because these flaws make us unique. “Beauty lies in imperfection”


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