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What To Expect

The Black Betty piercing team are highly experienced and we love to create unique piercings using only the safest materials including nickel-free implant grade titanium, solid gold and disposable sterile piercing tools.

We pride ourselves on offering a great quality and safe piercing experience at our studios, which includes the following:

  • We use single-use equipment for your piercing (gloves, needles, saline bottles etc). All needles are single use and disposed of after with a medical waste company. All gauze and cotton tips are pre packaged and sterile to ensure a lesser chance of infection. Tools are also cleaned, packaged and autoclaved at 250 degrees to ensure sterility.
  • Our piercing jewellery is made from high quality metals including Implant-grade Titanium and solid gold. We choose to use these metals specifically due to their body bio-compatability, which means there is almost no chance of a reaction with your body and the jewels. Our team also pierces with studs that come with a flat-back/labret (as opposed to a butterfly-back stud), as this is the most suitable, hygienic and comfortable form of jewellery for a fresh piercing. 
  • Our piercers are highly experienced.We take great care in securing the best and most professional piercersso that you only have the best service
  • With our piercing appointments, we make sure that you are given ample time with our staff. This includes an optional consultation that discusses the jewellery and piercing placements that will best suit your anatomy, and in-depth aftercare advice.
  • We do pierce children from the age of 10 years and up. We enforce this age cut-off so as to ensure the child getting pierced is mature enough to understand the piercing and healing process.
  • We can pierce a maximum of 3 piercings per session, however every body is different and our piercers will give you advice on what will be best for you during your consultation
  • Your Black Betty piercing experience doesn’t end after you leave the store. We feel it’s very important to ensure your piercing is perfect which means we’ll reach out to ensure you’re healing appropriately, and our piercers are always available to offer aftercare advice in-store. This includes a check-up with regards to a possible downsizing of your jewellery.