In line with regulations, we are now able to pierce at both our Parkhurst & Sea Point Stores. Please call or email us to book your appointment today


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Once the decision is made there are dos and don’ts that need to be considered, and although it might seem like such a simple act it is good to know what you are in for before, during and after:

-Pick a legitimate piercing studio, where hygiene is first and foremost. It is always a good option to sit down with your local piercer prior to your appointment to discuss placement and procedure, as this allows you to get comfortable the whole process.

-Although some piercing studios pierce with a gun, it really isn’t recommended. There is a high risk of damaging the tissue and cracking the cartilage when pierced with one, so it is always the safest option to go with a needle. This also allows for perfect placement for your new piece of ear candy.

- There are so many options for EAR CANDY placement these days, such as the helix, daith, rook and conch. For a perfectly curated ear, you can also consider more than one piercing in places that will complement each other. When you have more than one piercing, you can also play with contrasting shapes and coloured studs for your perfect combination.

-And most importantly, take the time to pick the perfect piece of Jewellery. Make sure you pick a piece that not only looks good, but is right for your piercing. Think about whether a hoop, or a stud is the best option for you or whether yellow, rose or white gold would best suit your style. Your first piece of jewellery will need to stay-put until your skin has healed, so make sure it is something that you are in love with.

Once your piercing has healed with the proper aftercare, get yourself down to the Black Betty and choose some more of your favourite EAR CANDY pieces to create a fresh new stack of studs, sleepers and stones. Happy mixing and matching!