Make it Personal with our Customisable Collections

Zapped by Black Betty

Choose from a selection of 9kt yellow gold chains and have it welded on your wrist to form an infinite loop. Who needs a clasp, anyway?

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Create Your Cluster

We value the individual- each one of us is formed with different imperfections, desires & passions. Our clusters are enriched with gemstones that hold their own power and beauty. Choose the cluster of gemstones that speak to who you are.

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The Oracle Collection

The Oracle collection takes a spin on the classic signet ring, and is inspired by a desire to re-imagine traditional views on heritage and heirlooms. We ask you to reflect on who you are today, the journey you have taken to get here, and who you are still yet to be. Let fate decide your tarot, and if our symbols and meanings speak to you then make it official by getting your design on the signet ring or pendant of your choice.

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