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Create Your Own Cluster

Our Cluster collection celebrates free-form settings and delicious hand-cut gemstones, designed by Black Betty founder Kristin, and made right here locally in South Africa. Asymmetrical templates allow for freedom of expression with the many different shapes, sizes and colours that natural gemstones are found and cut in. Which cluster speaks to you?

Our Signature Cluster Pieces

Available online are our pre-designed clusters, but with such an abundance of design ideas and gemstones, you also have the freedom to design your very own combination, made to your very own symbolism and aesthetic. Designing your very own cluster can be done in-store with the help of our bespoke team (by appointment) or submit your details via the form at the bottom of the page.

Choosing Your Gemstone Setting

Firstly, find a cluster setting that most speaks to you – whether it be a minimal design (like our symmetrical double pear cluster) or more elaborate (like our asymmetrical 8 stone halo cluster).

Making Your Choices

Firstly choose a precious metal base (silver, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold), and then choose the gemstones you would like. We have a variety of precious gems in many shapes and hues (no natural gemstone is ever the exact same), which can be selected for their complimentary colour combinations, or they can also be selected for their symbolism – such as choosing birthstones for your family or friends. The combination possibilities are endless!

Choosing Your Template

Once you have chosen your cluster setting and stones that most speak to you, you can decide how you would like to wear your beauty. Our cluster settings can be designed in any form, including bracelets, pendants, studs or rings.

Your Cluster is Ready to be Set

Once you have taken the above steps, your beauty is ready to be made – this takes 2-3 weeks (we want to make sure your cluster is absolutely perfect).

The Next Steps

If you are interested in creating your own unique cluster, drop us a message here to get more information of book an appointment.