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An ICONIC Woman ~ Mentor/Leader

Candice Mama
A visionary change catalyst, game-changer, and our ICONIC leader and mentor,
Candice Mama, is a storyteller and truth seeker who leads with power and poise.
Having been voted one of Vogue Magazines' top 33 most inspiring women in the
world alongside icons Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama, and Malala,
she is the epitome of badass and iconic.


Celebrated for her work and contribution in peace-building, Candice Mama is a woman of many talents and brilliance. She is a published author, a multi-award-winning speaker, a strategist, a model, and the host of her own podcast - Coffee with Candice. Uplifting and empowering others with her story Candice is making her mark in the humanitarian field all before the age of thirty. She was chosen to lead the UN-backed initiative Women Power in South Africa, making her the youngest member to hold the position.

Undeniably iconic for being a leader and embodiment of what it means to be a mentor of forgiveness and reconciliation, we are so excited and thrilled to have her feature in our ICONIC woman lineup and inspire our fierce sisterhood
"Memento mori, memento viviere. Remember that you will die; therefore, remember to live" 

This is how Candice defines her way of living life to the fullest. Describing herself as a disruptor, optimist, and courageous, Candice finds herself most confident when she is in flow with life instead of resisting. 

Candice Mama

Reflecting on the most rewarding moment in writing and sharing her story, she found that on a personal level, it was achieving the goal of having her first published book at the age of 28. However, the most rewarding part of the journey has been the countless letters she has received from people about how the book made them feel as though they too were capable of forgiving.

When asked what motivates her to be a leader and mentor, she refers to the knowingness that if we want the world to be different, we cannot always look outside ourselves; we need to be the leaders we wish to see. For Candice, her biggest mentor hasn't been singular but aspects of phenomenal people she has met in moments or over long spans.

"Change can only be accomplished when ordinary people choose to start walking extraordinary journeys that not only impact themselves but those around them." 

Iconic for being boldly powerful and poise, she reveals that her spirit animal is none other than the Crow/Raven, admiring its brilliance and ability to walk between the spiritual realms and our earthly plains.

Her chosen Black Betty embodiment ... The diamond snake bangle, speaking to her own powerful, elegant unafraid captivating aura. 

Her advice to other learning leaders... "Be curious, ask questions and always be flexible to change. But always trust yourself and operate with conviction when decisions need to be made." 

From one badass icon to another, when asked which female icon is blowing her mind right now, she looks to muse Africa Brooke resonating with her unhesitating confidence to address the elephant in the room while staying true to herself. 

While being an inspiration for others, Candice finds herself inspired by the unknown quoting that she is at a place of change and uncertainty, which makes her feel as though anything is possible. She also shares that the best advice she has received is the reminder that mistakes are the tapestry that makes life less mundane and more extraordinary and, of course, advice she has completely ignored ... "Be realistic."

Candice Mama

"When we find ourselves in challenging situations, it is human nature to assume we will always remain there, but the truth is life is cyclical."

When asked how she deals with negativity, her response is that while removing herself or addressing external encounters on an internal level, she has taught herself to sit with it and practice the ability to seek the root cause of why it's there, which will more often than not showcase a fear she is carrying. 
Choosing to put one foot in front of the other every single day, with a deep inner knowing that "this too shall pass," is how she defines overcoming her biggest adversity. 


As quoted by Sello Hatang, "Candice's remarkable story of forgiveness is
great gift to the world."  Openly sharing her journey and story for the sake of being an
empowering and uplifting figure to others is what truly speaks to this iconic woman.
We celebrate her for fiercely leading others and making waves where others dare to go.
She is ICONIC. She is a SURVIVOR. She is WOMAN.