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Ana Kuni - THE MUSE




Meet the individualist. Meet the MUSE.

At Black Betty, we aim to achieve a level of personalisation that is one of a kind where we offer you the opportunity to be involved throughout the whole design process.

We have collaborated with six different individualists, curating a level of personalisation. Each individual had the opportunity to showcase their unique story through their bespoke piece, allowing for them to express their talents, creative vision, and unique style. 
Ana Kuni

Uninterrupted, the unique beauty who sets the tone and takes centre stage, The Muse doesn't hide from the chaos but accepts it whether it accepts them back or not.

Ana Kuni (Anastasiya Yakunina) is a Ukrainian-born visual and NFT artist based in Cape Town. 

Known for creating large-scale art pieces with underlying messages of spiritual growth and awakening, Ana is continuously creating art - whether it be wall murals, met panels to a denim collection. 

Her biggest passion is the discovery of the highest human potential and the many ways to apply it in the modern world, creating an equal co-existence with the natural world.

Ana’s work has caught the attention of major publications such as Elle SA, Marie Claire SA and tv programs such as Top Billing.



Uncovering The Muse

The Muse is an exquisite and alluring force who leaves a following of admirers in their wake, embracing the creative vision and inspiring through visual beauty and charm.

Ana Kuni's central figure in her artwork is The Warrior Woman. She depicts this figure as a modern being - a conscious, compassionate, creative human living in harmony with nature. 

Describing her creative process as a transformational experience, Ana focuses on the human face; creating complex layers and structures as she believes we are multi dimensional beings, longing to discover and feel and acknowledge our forms and thought patterns, keeping us within the structure. 

Kuni has used her art to not only explore her creativity, but to connect with like-minded people across social media. 


Ana Kuni's Warrior Woman Necklace

The Black Betty club is a celebration of self-expression embodied in collaboration with friends of the brand - Ana, our Muse for all muses. We believe in creating pieces that speak to the wearer, modern heirlooms that are season-less & an expression of the self.

“The necklace is a beautiful reminder to wake up and feel everything; nature, gratitude, appreciation, all the small things."


This bespoke collaboration is a shared appreciation of the inspiration behind creating a piece that is a tribute to our internal vision.

Set with a centered Silver or Gold Goddess Pendant with a golden wheat & Blue Diamond throat stone complimented by a Third Eye Blue Sapphire & Emerald Crescent Moon, each element carries meaning. Ana's Warrior Woman Necklace is a unique digitally transformed piece representing her powerful warrior women paintings.

Ana's Warrior Woman Necklace can be bought in both Silver and 9kt Yellow Gold. 

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by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss