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Andréa Katzeff - THE REBEL



Meet the individualist. Meet the REBEL.


At Black Betty, we aim to achieve a level of personalisation that is one of a kind where we offer you the opportunity to be involved throughout the whole design process.

We have collaborated with six different individualists, curating a level of personalisation. Each individual had the opportunity to showcase their unique story through their bespoke piece, allowing for them to express their talents, creative vision, and unique style. 


Andréa Katzeff

A strong, passionate, and energetic individualist who mixes things up on the pitch, carving new paths outside the bounds of societal and cultural norms.

Andréa Katzeff is a Cape Town-based contemporary photographer. Her work has mostly been inspired by the emotions induced by societal norms and expectations. She has been widely recognised in her field for her unique style, often creating space for conversations around lighting, emotion, process and style. 

Katzeff is a playful soul; her contagious banter is representative throughout her work. Otherwise, You, Well? - founded by Katzeff during the strict Covid lockdown in 2020, is a well-known tagline among locals and one that tells the story of Katzeff's deep, grounded authenticity and quirky humour. What started as a Backabuddy account to generate funds in support of those in the hospitality sector who lost their jobs during the close-down of restaurants in lockdown is now a creative channel of fun cooking videos of Andréa, mostly in her underwear.



Uncovering The Rebel

There are no rules for the disruptive; The Rebel who revels in individuality; the unconventional maverick who inspires through authenticity. The Rebel is a strong, passionate, and energetic individualist who mixes things up on the pitch, carving new paths outside the bounds of societal and cultural norms.

The REBEL for all the rebels.

We asked Andréa how she perceives what it means to be a rebel:

"What it means to me to be a rebel? I could spew some bullshit about how it’s “going against the grain and standing out from the crowd” but we already know that. To me being a rebel in a world that can be so cruel is to do the very opposite of that. We’re constantly faced with negative media and experiences, only perpetuating a vicious cycle of negativity. In the face of adversity, be a rebel, be kind, be loving, be warm, and be understanding. That’s what being a rebel means to me, regardless of your aesthetic."


Andrea's Sun to Moon Ring

"Let the sun sink on your sorrows."

This bespoke collaboration is a shared appreciation of the inspiration behind creating a piece that calls upon nostalgia & reflection. Set in Carnelian Stone, Andréa's Sun to Moon Ring embodies the marvelled ancient stone of fiery hues designed to celebrate the complimentary inherent polarities of the Sun & Moon.

“As a child, I struggled with the idea that the day would come to an end, therefore I found almost every sunset would pour a flood of melancholy upon me, drowning me in the inevitable darkness. However, I soon took on a new perspective after I learned that the sunset would bleed into a sunrise, allowing for a new day, new opportunities, and most importantly, new adventures. I realised that darkness and light compliment one another through their inherent polarities.


The Sunset Stone of Carnelian was named so by the Ancient  Egyptians who marvelled at the collection of fiery hues simmering in shades of burnt orange and pale pink.

Just like a killer sunset, the Carnelian Stone is something of a soul stirrer, ever ready to cleanse away the day and re-invigorate your strength with the promise of something new

Andrea's Rebel Sun to Moon Ring can be bought in both Silver and 9kt Yellow Gold with the option of either the Carnelian or Black Onyx Stone. 

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by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss