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Black Betty's Iconic Pieces

Adorn yourself with the gift of longevity, our iconic Black Betty pieces transcend time and awaken a timeless style having achieved a truly iconic status amongst our pieces. It's worth remembering that some things truly never go out of style. 

Skull Jewellery & Rings

The Skull:

Frighteningly beautiful and rebellious in nature, our skull pieces are an ode to living life to the fullest - the ultimate Memento Mori. 

Embracing the bold, the courageous, and the badass, these pieces iconically embrace and understand your destiny. While some adorn skull jewellery as a good luck charm, others associate it with free spirits and versatility, a symbol that appeals to your soul and style. 


Oracle CollectionThe Oracle Collection:

Acknowledge your past, accept your present, and create your future, this is the aura our Oracle Collection awakens when encompassing the story behind our iconic signet pieces. 

Struck by the aesthetic appeal of their clean shapes and the way they sit on the hand, the oracle collection represents symbols that would be a compass back to yourself so that you will never be lost again - in every way connected to Black Betty and all she represents.


Gemstone, Birthstone & Zodiac

Zodiac, Birthstones & Gemstones:

When it comes to curating a jewellery box that will serve you well for a lifetime, our zodiac and birthstone pieces are iconic for arousing a whimsical vintage appeal. Though all the baubles in your collection may hold special meaning, we often feel a divine connection to these celestial-inspired pieces as if they’re a genuine extension of our being. 

They are the celebration of individuality - our unique traits, our beautiful flaws, and our guiding strengths that differentiate and honour our life’s purpose. It is our astrological footprint and beguiling birthstone that guide our desires and life callings. Adorn yourself or a loved one.


Polki Diamond Rings & Necklaces

Polki Diamonds:

Naturally formed and imperfectly shaped, the Polki diamond reflects an endearing quality of versatile timelessness, truly iconic for evoking the beauty that lies in imperfection. This gem embraces our darker side, our unashamedly raw spirit that speaks to our individuality and raw, honest selves.⁠

Revived in contemporary modern styles, the Polki Diamond remains iconic amongst our Black Betty pieces. Polkis have the unique ability to be both incredibly traditional and totally modern. 


Black Betty Cluster: Necklaces, Rings

Black Betty Clusters:

Celebrating free-form settings and delicious hand-cut gemstones, our signature cluster pieces are an iconic collection of our most-loved gemstones. Set in dreamy cluster constellations and asymmetrical templates, they allow for freedom of expression, embracing all shapes, sizes, and colours. 

An ode to the individual, our cluster pieces speak to its wearer, designed to allow the individual to create and play with their own symbolism and aesthetic.