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On the 24th of March the Black Betty staff glammed up in Black and Gold, put on their heels, and enjoyed a night of tarot cards and tattoos. The night was to honour our amazing staff and all the hard work they put into this business everyday. It was also to celebrate the launch of our new collection to come - our signet collection. We are so looking forward to showing you all this collection and what we have in store for it. 

So what took place on this enticing evening, you ask? We arrived at our beautiful store to receive a perfect welcoming drink. Leonista sponsored our event with their incredibly delicious tequila reposado- because what is a party without some tequila? Not to mention the beautiful black bottle this drink comes in, which of course we appreciated here at Black Betty.

We were also lucky enough to have Jack Black Brewing Co. sponsor us with their new delight- the Southfield Hard Seltzer. It comes in a variety of flavours and is so delicious, you could definitely say I was sipping on this all night.


Next- the tarot cards. Kristin went up to each partygoer with her set of beautiful and personalised tarot cards that we had to pick from (with our left hand, of course!). Each card had a different image and a different meaning to it. I was lucky enough to pull out “The Serpent”, which symbolizes rebirth and growth. Everyone felt a connection to this process as they allowed a moment of reflection in understanding what they picked up and what it means to them. 

The tarot cards were designed by the incredibly talented Jamie Boon, an old staff member loved dearly here at Black Betty. Check out her amazing art on instagram: , as well as her to die for nail art also on instagram: @nails_by_boon

And then for the tattoos! We had the very talented Rudi (instagram: @sacegold_tattoos) tatting us up for the evening. We got to choose from the selection of imagery featured in the tarot cards for our tattoo. I decided to go for the dagger tattoo. Having this tattoo on me means more than I could imagine- not only does it look bad ass but it reminds me of this evening and this amazing company I work for! 

And how could I forget the food? We had the amazing Annalize Catering team look after us with their incredible food for the evening. Of course most food had a black theme to it- black bread and all! It not only looked brilliant but it tasted so good too. 

Of course there is lots that happens between all these things- the laughter, the dancing, the release that comes with letting go and just having fun! And we certainly did all that too.

Of course we are bringing you in for part of this experience too as we are soon to launch our Signet Collection. You will be able to wear these beautiful designs and unlock their meanings, so keep an eye out for what is to come...

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you to all who catered and helped out, and of course thank you to our amazing Matriarch Kristin for hosting this perfect evening! 

 -Juliette x