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Candice Mama - The Game-Changer




Meet the individualist. Meet the GAME-CHANGER.

At Black Betty, we aim to achieve a level of personalisation that is one of a kind where we offer you the opportunity to be involved throughout the whole design process.

We have collaborated with six different individualists, curating a level of personalisation. Each individual had the opportunity to showcase their unique story through their bespoke piece, allowing for them to express their talents, creative vision, and unique style. 
Candice Mama

Candice Mama is considered to be one of Vogue's Top 33 Most Inspiring Women. Her work is based off of her forgivness, reconciliation and trauma of her story of forgiving the apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer. 

She is passionate about empowering others to release their trauma and live an empowered life. The one thing that may strike you about Candice is is that she is a raw, honest individual - a Change Catalyst who is making her mark in the humanitarian field. 

Uncovering The Game-Changer

Unbothered by turning heads, the rulebook breaker who changes the status quo, The Game-Changer is a unique attitude, a mover and shifter.

Unafraid to start the conversation, The Game-Changer is the leader of thriving in unchartered territory, shifting dynamics, challenging perception, and inspiring through innovation and embracing the bold, power, and poise of being different.

The GAME-CHANGER for all the game-changers.


Candice's Raven Cuff & Ring Set

The Black Betty club is a celebration of self-expression embodied in collaboration with friends of the brand - Candice Mama, our Game-Changer for all game-changers. We believe in creating pieces that speak to the wearer, modern heirlooms that are season-less & an expression of the self.

“Whenever we forget how truly magical we are, The Raven Cuff & Chained Ring was created to symbolise armour, reminding us we were born to be badass.”


This bespoke collaboration is a shared appreciation of the inspiration behind creating a piece that embodies the infinite power each of us possesses within us.

Candice’s Raven Cuff & Chained Ring is designed with Raven wings, a single symbol that brings together the light, the darkness & the snake symbol of eternity. Complimented by the Onyx stone representing the darkness that is being embraced.

Candice's pieces can either be bought individually, or as as set, in Sterling Silver. 

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by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss