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Franadilla - The Dreamer




Meet the individualist. Meet the DREAMER.

At Black Betty, we aim to achieve a level of personalisation that is one of a kind where we offer you the opportunity to be involved throughout the whole design process.

We have collaborated with six different individualists, curating a level of personalisation. Each individual had the opportunity to showcase their unique story through their bespoke piece, allowing for them to express their talents, creative vision, and unique style. 

Franadilla, Francesco Mbeleis, a multi-talented individual who has been highly influenced by, as well as experience in Photography, Creative Directing, Film-making, Styling, DJ-ing and other roles that ultimately encapsulate him as an all-rounder creative consultant. A Johannesburg-born creative, he is a living embodiment of a super creative.

During the time of a global pandemic, Franadilla's ambition and drive was more productive than ever. He launched his own blog, fashion label and creative consulting company Franasonic — a delightful play on words on electronic conglomerate Panasonic merged with his name.

Uncovering The Dreamer

The Dreamer is a quintessential idealist who finds inspiration in all they see, feel, and experience. A romantic who possesses a contagious and unique artistry, authenticity, and integrity of design is everything to this imaginative personality.

The DREAMER for all the dreamers.

Unbound by limitation, The Dreamer is a creative soul who lets the art of curiosity & euphoria flow from within to those who surround them. 


Franadilla's Franasonic Pill

The Black Betty club is a celebration of self-expression embodied in collaboration with friends of the brand - Franadilla, our Dreamer for all dreamers. We believe in creating pieces that speak to the wearer, modern heirlooms that are season-less & an expression of the self.

The piece I created was inspired by the idea of experimentation as well as the larger system of consumption."


This bespoke collaboration is a shared appreciation of the inspiration behind taking an object meant to be consumed and instead making it a valued jewellery piece. Cast in Silver with unique experimentation of e-coated red and blue pills, Franadillia's pill is a physical and metaphorical imaging of the excess of consumption.

Franadilla's Franasonic Pill can be bought in either the form of a necklace, bracelet or ring. 

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by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss