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Hands of an Artist

Inspired by the journey of the diamond from deep within the earth to our very hands, COAL represents the collaboration between woman, man and the universe. From the sourcing and designing to the crafting itself, our Diamond collection remains authentically South African.


The creation of a diamond is a spellbinding transformation that takes millions of years to occur, emerging from pure darkness to transfix us with the magical beauty of light. After millennia of gravitational crush, human hands refine these precious gems into a dazzling works of art.

COAL celebrates the fascinating and sadly declining art of diamond cutting, and every diamond in the collection is wholly unique as a result of expert hand-craftsmanship. Our cutting and shaping process resists mathematical perfection as the end-goal, embracing inherent imperfections and a range of distinct shapes.

We believe that every stone has its own character, and these distinctions gravitate an individual towards a diamond that is perfect for them. For momentous life occasions, or simply for the pleasure of adorning a sliver of a million-year becoming, pieces in the COAL collection signify metamorphosis towards magnificence. 

COAL is more than just a few pretty pieces. It is a collection in which every single piece has been hand-crafted to create beauty, individuality and most importantly, soul.

When considering who to use as a model for these magnificent pieces, it only seemed right to pair them with an exceptional artist. Born in South Africa, Gabi Lee is a Cape Town based painter who uses a variety of mediums, including oil on canvas.  

A romantic at heart, Gabi is a great lover of fables and stories, which are expressed through her use of colours and textures. We chose to couple our unique COAL pieces with Gabi's oil Seascapes; a combination of soft, surreal edges and fierce, stormy landscapes - exuding a sense of calm and tumultuous, all at once. 


Photographer: Lauren Gultz

Artist & Model: Gabi Lee

Make-up: Cheryl Parker