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JULY- month of the Ruby




There’s something about adding a layer of red lipstick to your outfit that gives you an extra spark in your step. This splash of red is what we’re all about this July, the month of the ruby. 

 The ruby gemstone is heralding queen of all the red stones, with its deep rouge allure and flourish of layers. Biblical times show that rubies held great significance even then. The red represented the blood that flows through our bodies, symbolising the power of life. In Sanskrit text they are called “Ratnaraj”, which means King of Precious Stones. The ruby gemstone was originally founded in South Asia, so it is no wonder its people found a name worthy of this great discovery.  

Unlike that lipstick, there is more than just aesthetic power that comes with accessorising the red ruby to your outfit. Ruby is a stone of protection. It shields negative energy from its wearer. When negative energy is shielded it leaves room for what is good, what is meaningful. The ruby enhances confidence and the ability to inspire and lead others.
So many of us struggle with self-doubt and an anxious voice that tells us we are not good enough. This beautiful red stone is here to combat this voice, and let it be replaced by one that whispers “you are good enough, you are okay.” This July let’s focus our energy into this latter voice, and encourage the self-love that comes with it.
French jewellers refer to ruby as the “dearly loved stone”. This is not only a reference to how the ruby itself is loved by many, but is also about the ruby’s symbol of love within a relationship. Ruby inspires devotion and faithfulness.
So, our stone of the month isn’t just about self-protection but also relationship protection. As you wear your ruby this month be inspired to nurture the relationships, romantic or not, that mean something to you. In these difficult times it can be easy to get bogged down by our own issues, so we need every reminder we can get to look up and look out for the ones we love.
Of course the red ruby has been adorned throughout time by nobility and
royalty. Queen Elizabeth II owns a tiara that has got to be one of her most iconic. The Burmese Tiara is set with 96 rubies in it, symbolising the 96 diseases that the Burmese believed could affect the human body. So these rubies are the Queen’s protectors, keeping her healthy.



Speaking of royalty, I’ll leave all you ruby lovers with this recent Savage x Fenty ad campaign featuring Rihanna wearing $2 million worth of rubies. Honestly, no one wears jewellery like RiRi.



You can style yourself too with our rubies, check out the beauties we have for you below:



The Black Betty fam wishes you a lovely July- keep safe, keep warm, wear those rubies with confidence x