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Kat Sinivasan - The Operator




Meet the individualist. Meet the OPERATOR.

At Black Betty, we aim to achieve a level of personalisation that is one of a kind where we offer you the opportunity to be involved throughout the whole design process.

We have collaborated with six different individualists, curating a level of personalisation. Each individual had the opportunity to showcase their unique story through their bespoke piece, allowing for them to express their talents, creative vision, and unique style. 
Kat Sinivasan

Katleho Sinivasan is a South African musician, television host and actor. Where he studied classical music and dramatic arts, Kat started his career in entertainment at the National School of Arts in 2005.

Kat won one of his first South African awards in 2007 after he won a talent search competition called Famous on SAB2 

When he’s not presenting shows, acting or operating lists of South Africa’s best dressed men, Kat lends his skills to the corporate world as an charming and gifted live events MC.

Uncovering The Operator

The realest, unstoppable in their pursuit to make the impossible possible, The Operator doesn't just dream big they make it happen.

A networker, connector, and risk taker who inspires through grit and determination, The Operator is an alluring opportunist with fervour and a fierce appetite for success.

The OPERATOR for all the operators.


Kat's Sum Of All Parts Stack

The Black Betty club is a celebration of self-expression embodied in collaboration with friends of the brand - Kat Sinivasan our Operator for all Operators. We believe in creating pieces that speak to the wearer, modern heirlooms that are season-less & an expression of the self.

“I take strength and meaning from all these different parts of myself and of life.”


This bespoke collaboration is a shared appreciation of the inspiration behind creating a piece that is an ode to the divine spirit, success & the introverted, extroverted personality.

Kat’s disk comprises Cupid & his machine gun is an ode to both new love and lost love. The coin’s Eagle represents a recluse creature who balances force and grace, and its Lion symbolises unashamed boldness, while the stars are a symbol of excellence complimented by a Chunky Curb Choker. 

Kat's pieces can either be bought individually, or as as set, in Sterling Silver as well as 9kt Yellow Gold.  

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by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss