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The world has been engulfed in mass panic and fear as Covid-19 spreads itself across the planet and we are not immune to the effects this hysteria is bringing. Social media, news outlets, conversations on the street are clouded with talk about the virus and what it means for families; companies and everyday life going forward.  As we have recently announced, we at Black Betty Design are taking every measure we can to play our own role in minimising spread of the virus and taking responsibility for our staff and our clients. However, we also wanted to talk about the more mental and emotional toll this epidemic is taking on people around the world.

As countries go into lockdown and people have begun to self-isolate, we are reminded that now is the time to really step back and take a moment for yourself, to check in with yourself. We understand that the sentiment of self-care can sometimes be dictated from a place of privilege, with many people in our society unable to either self-isolate or take space from work, we encourage those who are in this position, to do so. We need to do our best to keep others around us safe & healthy. This is scary. We get it- even within our own business we are trying to think up creative and safe ways to keep our business going, to keep creating and to keep spreading love. As terrifying as it can sometimes be, we are going to try keep positive and hopeful, and we will be doing our best to share encouragement through our social media platforms (as well as to invite all our amazing clients to keep supporting local businesses through online purchases).

There are some amazing accounts you can follow at the moment on instagram that are doing this very thing- encouraging sanity and self-love through simple advice and gentle coaching- you do not need to leave your home or pay more money for therapy if you are needing some gentle reminding at this time. Here at Black Betty Design, we choose love- we wish to be accountable for our own actions, to help spread correct information and above all to choose love in all our actions.

If you are self-isolating we have some recommendations for ways you can spend your time. If you are working from home through this, there are more methods you can take to ensure you are being focused yet not over-stressed or tired. 

  • Take the time to stretch in the morning, your body will be grateful for the few minutes you spend really listening to what it needs and giving it the love and attention it deserves.
  • Wash your hand for 20 seconds- but please be weary to turn off the tap while you are soaping up, in Cape Town we still have a social responsibility to be weary of water usage.
  • Take a moment to read a book/ article you have been putting off: even if it is just reading for 10 minutes before bed, your mind will thank you for the break from your screen/ social media scrolling/ work load.
  • If you are one of those people going to the shop and stocking up on supplies- we urge you to be mindful of your purchases. Mass buying can result in a lack of goods or access to food for those in our community who live hand to mouth. Another piece of advice we saw was to take your domestic workers into account. If you buy items en-masse we encourage you to buy a few items for those who support you in your homes. They may not have the time to get to the shops or the resources in terms of safe transportation.
  • If you are struggling with anxiety, take a look at some therapy accounts on instagram and try implement a few of their recommended practices: take deep breaths; make your bed; make some tea.
  • If you are feeling helpless, look for some donation campaigns online that are assisting with clinics/ local artist support/ hygiene products: you can embody change even from the confines of your own home.
  • Communicate with loved ones around you, urge your elders to stay at home and rest, play with your pets and your children, give with love, if you have asked staff to remain at home- pay them for the month still.

 We are hoping to come out of this relatively unscathed (or as unscathed as possible): please continue your sanitation practices, cough into your elbows; greet people with warm words rather than a handshake or elbow greeting and above all check in with yourself and those around you.