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Needle vs Gun?

Black Betty only uses needles when piercing, to ensure the cleanest & safest piercing. Our needles are single use and disposed of with a medical waste company.

Piercing Step 1

Piercing with a gun used to be more common, but it is being used less and less– and we’re very happy about that! Using a gun when getting pierced causes a high chance of getting infected. This is due to the fact that it’s difficult to sufficiently clean the gun device. When getting pierced, cleanliness needs to be your biggest priority. You’re dealing with open wounds and blood, which means you need the most sterile tools and environment possible. 

Gun vs Needle

The process of getting pierced with a piercing gun is exactly like pushing a pin through your ear. So, your earring is forcefully pushed through your lobe. When getting pierced with a needle, first the hole in your ear is made, and then your earring is gently inserted. The first option causes excessive trauma and therefore takes a lot longer to heal. When getting your piercing, you want to set yourself up for the shortest possible & most comfortable healing journey.

Only trained and professional piercers can use a piercing needle, so when you’re getting pierced through this method you can be assured that you’re receiving quality service from a professional. The piercers at Black Betty have all been piercing for many years, and take their practice very seriously. 


Last but definitely not least an advantage to needles is that they are less painful. So, if anyone was too scared to get pierced– we may have found the solution for you!