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Take a walk on the wild side

Discovering the beauty of a perfectly imperfect diamond

Wild diamonds, also known as salt & pepper, or galaxy diamonds, are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative and unique choice for heirloom jewels. Although classic diamonds will never stop being a firm favourite (and rightly so), there are many benefits to choosing something a little more on the wild side.




So what is a wild diamond?

Formed over eons deep within the earth, the creation of a diamond involves the transformation from carbon atoms to precious gemstone. Both coloured and clear diamonds are naturally forged this way. This process isn’t always a smooth ride, and most diamonds (even the stones considered ‘clear’) leave the ground with inclusions, or scars.

Here’s where ‘clear’ and wild diamonds differ – Classic diamonds were created with very few inclusions, which gives them their clear appearance. In fact, most classic diamond flaws are completely invisible to the naked eye, and only trained professionals can identify them. In comparison, wild diamond inclusions are not only very visible, but are the reason why we like them so much.




Their journey deep underground leaves a unique imprint; arrangements of tiny imperfections, called inclusions. There are several different inclusions that can form, such as a cloud, feather, cavity, crystal, knot, and bruise – and many diamonds possess more than one of these. This is what produces their distinct character and galaxy-like appearance. They are natures tiny works of art.

Not only do their flaws create unique constellations inside the stone, they also produce different colours – such as grey, white, red, brown and yellow. Unlike classic diamonds, many wild diamonds are not certified – as they are considered not within the ‘standard’ of GIA certifiers (due to their inability to be graded on Clarity; one of the 4C’s).



Wild diamonds are considered the more ethical & eco-friendly choice, too

Due to the high demand for ‘flawless’ diamonds, many mounds of land will be mined in search of the most valuable stones – and the majority of wild diamonds found along the way are often considered as ‘left-overs’.

When the wilder diamonds are chosen, this reduces the demand for the most valuable stones, and all those imperfectly perfect diamonds are recognised for their beauty, quality, and true worth.




These diamonds are bursting with personality and fire – they belong to those who are looking for something a little bit rare, or different. No two gems are the same – they are completely unique (just like us).

Wild diamonds are ideal for those who are looking to wear their chosen gem in an alternative setting and style. The cut of a wild diamond is less important than that of a clear stone, which means that they are much more versatile – and with a wider variety of cuts, you can get much more creative when it comes to the setting and style of the diamond ring (this is one of the many reasons why we love working with them).

    ‘imperfect but valued, flawed but loved’

These special diamonds also remind us to celebrate and embrace with both hands the notion that beauty is both wild and imperfect – perfectly captured by their inherent flaws.  They mirror the thought that you are loved not in spite of your blemishes, but because of them.