Sustainability at Black Betty

Black Betty is devoted to following sustainable practices. This is true for our daily routines and work in the jewellery studio, and for our operations in sourcing gemstones and diamonds. We believe it is a privilege to be able to create beautiful pieces and heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. However this cannot be done at the expense of the environment or society.

Black Betty donates 5% of our online sales to a charity of our choice for the month. We are devoted to donating towards charities that look after our earth and the women of South Africa. You can see who we have supported here.


We use a picking solution to clean our metals instead of sulphuric acid, which is safer for the environment. We also save our metal filings to send in for refining, re-using metals wherever we can to decrease unecessary wastage.


We only source through the ethical guarantee of The Kimberley Process. This process is there to ensure that diamonds are not sourced from conflict regions and that there are no human rights violations undertaken when retaining diamonds.


The majority of our products are made in South Africa by our in house team of jewellers and goldsmiths, or by trusted partners in the Cape. We also put emphasis on made to order products, to ensure we are not overproducing.