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August's birthstone


It wouldn’t be Women’s Month  without us thinking about all the ways we can go about enhancing our most powerful femininity. As you’re well aware, the Black Betty team is very proudly mostly made up of badass women (we do still love you Gavin and Ryan, our amazing piercers in Jo’burg! ;)). So this topic is obviously one we take to heart. Of course being our best, most powerful feminine selves means so many different things for different people. Femininity as a concept is always evolving and we welcome all new definitions and ideas around it. 

Getting in touch with the divine feminine that lives inside all of us is a personal process, and you define your own path along the way. While we may not know about your individual journey, we do know that there is one thing you can always rely on to enhance this process: the power of gemstones. 



 Wearing your birthstone is thought to bring good luck, good health, and protection. It’s not a process that’s quick and magical, but it helps us reach into our inner strength and guide us where we need to be. Wear your birthstone with intent, and we are certain the power you hold within will shine through.  

Peridot is associated with  strength and balance. It is believed to inspire peace, health and rest through harmonizing the mind and body. Once the mind and soul are connected there is so much that can be accomplished, which is why this gemstone boosts our creativity and improves our mood. Along with this, the stone itself is beautiful- with a yellowish green colour that grounds us back to nature.