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A Tale of Bespoke - James & Kristin

As we tiptoe into Bespoke season, we find ourselves inspired by a selection of loving and divine couples in love with life and each other. Having met at a time of significant change in their lives, with distance and time being no friend, James and Kristin's story is an intimate love letter of independent and resilient love. 

"We allowed each other the changes that time brings, and through that, our love grew in a way we could not have predicted. Eventually, we made our way back to each other."

 A perfect example of love in all forms, Kristin defines love as an essential companionship through different times, whether it is tough or easy, fun or sad — "being side by side but not becoming one, allowing each other to be different." Humanity, empathy, understanding, support and honesty that is love to James. 

Sharing an equal love for travelling and spending time outdoors, Kristin finds that her favourite thing to do together is dream up architectural design solutions and binging their favourite series or movie. For James, it's sharing moments of musicality when he sings, and she plays the piano. 

What's your partner's biggest pet peeve? 

A big no-no for James is an open bedroom window at night midwinter (-15 degrees) and pasta cooked in lukewarm water. Kristin humorously reveals her biggest pet peeve is dealing with an often prickly pear in the morning who tends to lose his things, with her being the suspect in question.

Describing his partner as real, honest, and gentle, James reveals his favourite thing about Kristin is not being afraid to call him out, jokingly adding that she is usually right. A romantic who makes life a little more magical, Kristin loves that her partner has a knack for perceiving matters and people from different angles with a questioning but thorough approach. 

In the spirit of Cupid's favourite gifting holiday, when asked about the most memorable gift they've received from each other, Kristin recalls a very romantic moment when they first started dating, unlike anything she has experienced before. A wooden box with a unique magnetic key lock system with a book full of poems and pictures. A true romantic, James reveals his gift, while not physical, as an ode to his genuine adoration and love ... a chance to be in his partner's life.

Black Betty Bespoke x James and Kristin's Wedding Bands

Symbolising these kindred spirits' timeless expression of love are two simple, elegant semi-polished gold bands set with Peridot and Citrine stones shaped into a gentle radius which we had the pleasure of creating for them as a symbol of their independence and togetherness. 

Both rings feature Andreas and Kristin's birthstones, with James facing outwards and Anne's having the opposite configuration with an inward-facing stone. An intentional detail that speaks to their individuality on the outside while holding each other close within. 

"It was a pleasure working with the designers and jewellers at Black Betty, who were willing to accommodate our requests down to the finest detail!"  

Both architects, Kristin and James, work independently and together on diverse projects. Kristin also works as an illustrator, and James is a musician. They are based in Berlin. 

You can find their work here &