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The Journey of Bespoke

For those seeking a truly collaborative experience, Black Betty offers a bespoke design service. Each piece of handmade jewellery is an ode to fine art and craftsmanship, designed to be worn and loved for generations.

Whether an engagement ring, a special cluster, an engraved token, or a design from scratch, if you can imagine it, we can create it. Our bespoke experience is an in-depth opportunity to educate, explore and create with our clients. 

Start the bespoke conversation with these 7 steps 
Step 1: Build your moodboard
Before meeting with our team, we request a mood board of your desired design. Pinterest is the perfect muse for ideas and styling options. We also recommend browsing through our existing Black Betty designs to inspire and to use as references to create your dream keepsake. Other factors to consider at this stage are stone preferences, size, and budget.

Step 2: Get in touch
Once your mood board has been created, you can email us at The final design will then be discussed over email to ensure its possibility upon arrival.

Step 3: Meet Black Betty
You have the option of meeting us at our Hout Street studio in Cape Town to discuss your piece. Or, if you are not based in Cape Town, a virtual call can be set up. Thereafter, our design team will execute your Bespoke piece via CAD render / wax model over 2 - 3 days to bring your concept to life. 

Step 4: Choose your stones
Depending on your design, we will guide you through the process of choosing a unique stone that is a perfect match for you and your bespoke piece from an extensive selection of precious stones in an array of colour, carat, and shapes.
*Please note: choice of stones may not be applicable to all bespoke designs / pieces.

Step 5: Receive a quote
Once the design is complete and you are happy, you will receive a quote for your piece. To proceed to the next stage, we request that a 50% deposit is made. Your deposit confirms your commitment and covers the time our designers and jewellers invest to design and source each unique component.

Step 6: Production and Casting
Upon confirmation of your chosen design, our manufacturing team will commence with the completion of your final piece. Your design will then be transformed into its final piece through the process of casting into metal, stone setting, polishing, and completion by hand-crafted design.
Production time may take anything between 3-5 weeks.
Step 7: Delivery / Collection
Before the handover, payment of your invoice balance will be requested. Once your bespoke piece has been completed, we will contact you to arrange a final meet for you to collect your piece. If shipping is preferred, we can arrange a secure and safe delivery of your piece.