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Every month has its own birthstone dedicated to it, the Amethyst is the February birthstone. The actual meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated” – this loosely translating  from a Greek word améthystos. The Amethyst sentiment inspires crystal energies that will rejuvenate you at a spiritual and physical level.




All My Feb Babies, Please Stand Up? 

I was born in February, so it's safe to say I know little about my fellow Feb babies. People who are born in the month of February are generally known to be very hypersensitive. We tend to wear our hearts on our  sleeves. Feb babies, as fabulous as we are (of course), sometimes we can be incredibly consumed by our emotions and thoughts on an ongoing basis. February comes early in the year, most people around this time are still trying to adapt to the rhythm of their respective lives and set goals for the year ahead. The Amethyst is a good friend to keep close by when making those small and big decisions. This beautiful crystal helps you maintain calmness, keeps you clear headed, and overall the Amethyst elevates all good energies and allows you to kick start the year on high note.

Origin Of The Stone 

The Amethyst can be found in relatively most parts of the world namely; Greece, the Middle East and our beautiful African continent. This distinctive purple coloration stone adds some much needed light in so many dark parts of our lives. The colour purple has especially been known for its nobility and majestic demeanour, thus the Amethyst has established a close association with the colour purple and its positive significance.



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The Amethyst is also one of the few crystals that assist to enhance  intellect and  cerebral thought. It helps bring better perspective on different situations you might be facing. The Amethyst is a wonderful stone to use when you want to direct your emotions into a more gentle and balanced frequency.  The crystal will stimulate your heart and open you to love and opportunity. 

On A More  Personal Note

I've never  really considered myself a “girlie girl” whatever society  has coined this term (frankly, I think it's very limited thinking). That being said,  I'm particularly drawn to having accessories that have a special meaning to me, for example if it's a birthday gift or a piece that has been passed down to me from my mom's collection. Last year my aunt bought me a silver necklace for my birthday. It has a cute little engraved  note that says “Live today, for tomorrow isn't guaranteed”, I wear this necklace on days when I am really in a good mood and I usually pair it with a nice outfit. It just instantly makes me feel good about myself. After having joined the Black Betty family recently, I have learned so much about jewelry and our beautiful gemstones. It's more than just a piece of metal. 

I'm quite a sentimental person and I strongly believe in the idea  that how you spend your days is essentially how you live your life. To live my life now, is to consider who I am or rather who I am evolving and becoming at every season of my life. As we usher into my birth month of February,  I hold close to my heart what the Amethyst stone represents, which seems to lie in the  ability to take control, to be in charge of your own narrative, and to do so with grace. So in closing, and this is especially for all my non “girlie girls'' wink wink! Be rest  assured  Black Betty has a wide range of pieces, there's always something that will work for your personality and style.  Thank me later.