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Protection / Health / Courage

The stone is named after seawater, aquamarine’s fresh watery hue is like a cool plunge into a refreshing pool. The aquamarine as the sailor’s gem, ensuring the safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas. This stone is known to release fear, calm nerves and really foster mental clarity.                                                

Aquamarine is known to be “eye-clean”-meaning the gem does not have any inclusions, what are inclusions you may ask. To put it simply - inclusions are what I call the birthmarks of the stone. When I thought of aquamarine I couldn't help the nostalgia I felt remembering the movie, aquamarine. I've watched that so many times it could possibly hurt my eyes. So if you're up for a family friendly movie, this is it. 

Aquamarine - Raw

While some of  the most valuable aquamarines are mined in Columbia and Brazil, the gem has also been found even in Kenya, Zambia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Madagascar. Iron is the mineral that gives Aquamarine its blue color. There've been different shades of aquamarine that have been popular at certain times in history, I think I'm quite happy with  a lovely sky-blue

The world’s largest single piece of aquamarine to have been cut was found in Brazil in the 1980s. Soon after this discovery, the gemstone was accidentally dropped, causing it to break into three pieces. The biggest of the three pieces became known as the Don Pedro. This stone is now exhibited at the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. 


Aquamarine Jewellery

Symbolism of the stone

As it is the case with other stones and many other things in life, there is always an underlined symbolic meaning to something or how it's  seen. The aquamarine has lots of healing properties. In the Middle Ages, this stone was used to reduce anxiety and  poison. The Romans believed that this stone could cure medical issues with the liver, stomach and throat.  Healers used it to reduce fluid retention and to calm the nerves. 

As a "sailor's stone," the aquamarine has been known to give courage among sailors that were traveling rough seas. It was thought that having aquamarine on a ship could help calm rough waters. In a sense we could say this blue beauty, is  of good hope and because it is also naturally free of visible inclusions, it has become a symbol of purity, happiness and everlasting youth. 

Oh before I forget, the aquamarine was also used to protect against gossip! And talking about gossip, can we just do it a little bit? Just a little I promise. All my fashion gurus can tell me otherwise, but isn't it like thee ultimate fashion flop when any, as in any famous person, repeats a red carpet outfit or some jewellery at a really big event?  

Not when you're the Queen of England, those fashion rules absolutely do not apply. You can get away with pretty much anything. Here is Queen Elizabeth II in her most adorned aquamarine tiara and neck piece,  which she was gifted by the Brazilians.

Meghan Markle also received a striking jewelry piece from Prince Harry during their wedding. The ring belonged to Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. It features a large, emerald-cut, pale blue aquamarine gem, estimated at over 30 carats, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Looks like the aquamarine is royalty.