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Birthstone of June- The magical moonstone

June babies are lucky enough to have their birthstone be the very powerful, and completely beautiful moonstone. Now before I get into why this stone holds such attributes- can we take a moment to appreciate its name? Moonstone. The stone of the moon. Before even knowing what it looks like we’re already signalled to its importance; it is named after the object that brightens our night sky, and controls the earth’s tides and rhythm. 

Now, we look at the stone. And yes, of course it is named after the rock that brightens our nights. Its colour is intangible- move it towards different light textures and you will watch it illuminate different layers of bluish hue. The stone’s milky iridescence gives it a fluid movement that is captivating to look at. When I look at this stone I see a softness to it, probably owing to those pale colours and fluidness.

Not only are there layers in its appearance, but there is much to say about the meanings attached to this stone too.

In line with our theme thus far, this stone has been thought to harvest the energy from the moon. This is an energy of balance, of harmony and of calm. It is also an energy of femininity, which makes sense because women’s fertility cycles are linked to the waxing and waning of the moon. Women and the moon are inherently linked, and so is our beautiful moonstone. So now you can see that this stone has a deeply spiritual link to femininity, which is why we value it so highly here at Black Betty.

 Fertility cycles and moon cycles teach us that life is never consistent. Instead of shying away from this fact we need to have empathy and understanding as we go through life’s ups and downs. The moonstone is a symbol of such empathy. This stone helps us move towards kindness and serenity as we face an often harsh world.

 Of course this stone, harnessing the moon’s power, links its wearer to nature. The stone symbolises that dip in the ocean that refreshes every bone in your body, it represents that feeling of your bare feet touching perfectly dewy green grass. It’s that feeling of renewal, of being once again grounded, once again protected.

This gem has meant a lot to many people over the ages. In ancient times, the stone was known for giving off a power of intuition. People would wait for a full moon and place the stone in their mouth- believing it would help them intuit what is to come, and what path one should follow.

 In India, the moonstone is used in the journey of crystal healing (and is even involved in the holistic and powerful Ayurvedic medicine practice). This healing method highlights the interconnectedness of all species of the world, and the power the body has to remedy and create new life force. Moonstone’s feminine healing powers hold great value in this process. 

 That rock in the night sky is the creator of life, just as women are, just as this gemstone is. Let’s explore our divine femininity this month with moonstone jewels in abundance!