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Emerald- The birthstone of May.


For centuries the emerald gemstone has been appreciated and adorned. The Grecians and Romans believed that emerald was the gemstone of the goddess Venus, provider of love and hope. In another part of the world, Egyptians saw the stone as a source of eternal life, as well as a symbol of wisdom and intuition for what the future holds.  

Of course the most famous of Egyptians to don this striking gemstone was Cleopatra herself. This Egyptian Queen was known to conspicuously embellish her appearances with emeralds, and so this gemstone’s beauty and significance was accentuated. And who wouldn’t want to layer up with emeralds given the chance?

But May’s gemstone goes much further than what meets the eye.  

 Emerald has been known to reveal the truth, and is able to cut through a person’s falsities. The calming green colour is able to bring its onlooker down to earth, and back with one’s true self. A powerful stone indeed, and one we could all benefit from in a world often filled with insincerity and untruths. 

 Since Cleopatra we have seen many more royals wearing this beautiful gem. Princess Diana was frequently seen wearing an art deco emerald choker, which was a gift from Queen Elizabeth. Today we see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing earrings, necklaces and bracelets made of emerald. So, when you see the royals of today sporting our favourite green gemstone, know it comes from a long history of The Greats wearing it too.



Many tales of ancient India spoke of legendary cities with walls made entirely of emeralds. A story, no doubt, the colonial Spaniards recounted as they made their travels to exploit India of their precious materials. They may not have found such a city, but they were certainly not disappointed to discover the precious stones of India.

 Perhaps these tales are what inspired the Emerald City that features in The Wizard of Oz. The book version tells the story of a ruler who forces his people to wear green-lensed glasses, tricking the citizens into believing they are surrounded by lavish emeralds. The movie version, however, shows the city as a sparkling metropolis made up of precious emeralds in the literal sense.


Now we could go back and forth to decide which version of events holds more meaning in this day and age, but if one thing is clear it is that both author and director knew the significance of being surrounded by emeralds. Of being surrounded by wisdom, hope, beauty, and power.


Come rock this insanely beautiful stone with us this month!