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Labret vs. Butterfly?

Black Betty has made the conscious choice to use labrets (flat backs) as a backing for our piercing jewellery, instead of butterflies. Labrets are the most suitable, hygienic and comfortable form of jewellery backing for a fresh piercing. 

So, what’s going into your ear when you get pierced with us? You’ll first choose your piercing top, which is the beautiful and unique design you choose to wear in your ear. This piercing top will either be pinned or screwed into your labret, which is your flat backing holding your piercing together. 


Labrets & tops are either threaded or threadless. Threaded labrets are internally threaded (or externally threaded which we do not work with because they can cause serious damage to a fresh piercing), and the piercing top works as a screw as it twists into the labret. Threadless labrets are internally smooth, and your piercing top gets pinned in at an angle by our expert piercers. 

Threading labrets

An obvious advantage of the labret is its flat back, which means saying goodbye to a butterfly poking into your skin. This makes your healing process as simple and comfortable as possible. 

As mentioned, labrets are the more hygienic backing for your new piercing. Butterfly backings have curves and crevices that debris can find its way into, whilst labrets have an entirely smooth post with no hidden areas for any build up. For your new piercing, you want to ensure you have the cleanest environment for your new ‘wound’ to heal. 

As for making the move from butterflies to labrets for the piercings you already have, that is entirely up to you. Black Betty offers earrings and piercing jewellery for all our client’s desires, and are here to offer whatever you feel is best for your personal needs and taste. 

And now, you’re all clued up and ready for the best & safest way to get pierced!

How to use Threaded labrets