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Nails by Boon

Meet Jaimie Boon 

She used to be part of the Black Betty family, and is now rocking it on her own as this talented nail artist @nails_by_boon ) She creates these detailed, insane designs for nails - it’s truly an artform.

We did a collaboration with Jaimie to create some beautiful imagery. We chose four clients and, using Jaimie’s nail art as the inspiration, selected the perfect combinations of stones and rings to compliment her designs. Our stones hold significant meaning to us, so having Jaimie’s art inspire our rings was a whole new way for us to work with our jewels. How beautiful was the result? We couldn’t be happier :) 

Obviously a special shout out goes to Cass, our rockstar photographer who captured it all so perfectly!

Here’s some words from Jaimie below:

Self-expression on the whole has shifted and changed so drastically over the years. People want to feel good as much as they want to look good and getting into nail polish and nail art is no exception.  For me, the whole ritual of painting nails is not so much about the output only but also about the journey of the appointment itself. It’s about sharing, holding space and creating an environment that feels safe for everyone inside it.


I fell into the world of nails very randomly- I had been working in the travel industry for a few years (I studied politics and languages at uni), then I worked briefly for Black Betty too. Being around people pursuing their dreams can be a very empowering thing. So, I did some training, got certified and in July 2020 I opened up my own cute little nail art studio in Paarden Eiland and haven’t looked back.

I’ve been trying to think, precisely, what does nail art mean to me? And it really is about the joy in seeing how people choose to express themselves. I love the fact that I get to paint amazing art on people’s hands, bring joy to their days and that I get to meet so many interesting people who would normally be outside of my usual circles. Finding this small sense of community and friendship is such a beautiful aspect of my work and I feel so lucky to have it.

We’re gonna keep making magic with this talented woman- watch this space!