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Tales of Real Love: Cafe Zoe

Sweeter than anything you'll find in a Valentine's Day movie, local baristas Oprah and Josh's love story is an ode to their (our favourite) Cafe Zoe. When Black Betty moved to Hout Street, we went on a search for our new local coffee pitstop. We stumbled upon Cafe Zoe and have since been endlessly inspired by how this dynamic duo does business, life and love together. 

Cafe Zoe's story is one of unconditional Love, more than just a cafe and another coffee shop; Josh and Oprah find that they can express themselves through coffee and being a support system for others in the community.

 "The goal is to spread love; it's more than a transaction"

Working with your partner may be tricky, but Josh and Oprah find that their biggest highlight in sharing a business has been learning each other's different strengths and how to communicate better.

Josh's favourite part of the day has to be the first coffee he makes, with a Cortado being his favourite hot drink. When asked about future plans for the bustling Cafe Zoe, they reveal that there is an ambition to open a second cafe outside the city centre of Cape Town.

How do you define 'love'?

"When you lay down your life for another, that's true love."

And Love at first sight? ... For Josh and Oprah, this is not a belief they share with the rest of us hopeless romantics and to keep it short and sweet, their love story is one of simplicity but authentic Love, recalling how they had met in Church. 

Their ideal date night is none other than a classic Saturday night of stand-up comedy. Both foodies, they reveal that their favourite thing to do together is cooking as Oprah recalls, her favourite gift from Josh has to be the food mixer he got her as a first gift. When asked what his biggest pet peeve is, Josh reveals that it has to be texting during a meal.

Pulling on heartstrings, when asked what their favourite love song is, they both refer to their wedding song, You're still the one but pop icon Shania Twain. 

So, while you're stressing about scoring the perfect gift for him, her, and everyone in between, let this love story remind you what February 14 is actually about...besides chocolate. 

Pop into our Hout Street Studio from February 1 until February 14 to celebrate the season of Love with gifts for your beloveds and receive a free coffee on us at Cafe Zoe ... and a little something sweet on Valentine's Day

Where can you find this little gem? 71 Hout St, Cape Town CBD. 

by Michelle van der Westhuizen & Keonna Strauss